Tutorial - Part I

Presilo opened
  • Download Presilo and install it
  • Download Example and unzip it in a folder. It contains a MS Excel workbook called "tutorial.xls".
  • Open Presilo
  • Click on "New Label Template"

Label Creation
  • The Label form is shown.
  • Select label "Avery 5162 Letter 7x2".
  • Click on "Ok" button

Choose a Data Source
  • The "Connect to a Data Source" form appears. As told before we will use "tutorial.xls" so,
  • Click on "MS Excel Workbook"
  • Browse to the folder where you unzipped example.zip and select "tutorial.xls"
  • Click on "Open" button

Select a Table
  • The left list box, lists the worksheets found in "tutorial.xls".
  • Click on "Address$" and you should see it's fields (columns) in the right list box.
  • Click on "OK" button

List of Fields
  • Now that we have a Data Source Connection, we can start inserting Fields and formatting them.
  • The fields list is automaticaly displayed. You can manualy open it by
  • clicking the arrow of icon
  • Click on "ZipCode" to insert it in the document.

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