Tutorial - Part III

Defining an Action
  • Type " - " beside the "NY" State
  • Click the arrow of icon  and click on "ZipCode" to insert it.
  • Click on "Action" flag on the top of "Field Properties" dialog.
  • Select "Read next record AFTER format", which means that after formatting "ZipCode" field, Presilo should read the next record.
  • Click on "Apply" button.
  • Click on "Close" button.

Action After
  • The line above "ZipCode" field, indicates the existence of an action.
  • Pass the mouse over and read the info for the field.

Center text and bar code
  • You may apply any text style or paragraph style to the fields.
  • Click on menu option "Table->Select->Select Cell".
  • Center everything by clicking the icon icon.

Repeat Label
  • Click anywhere inside the first Label.
  • Click the menu option "Tools->All labels Equal First"
  • Presilo makes all Labels identical to first Label.
  • Click the menu option File->Save and save this template as "tutorial.psl"
  • The title bar now shows "tutorial.psl".

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