About Presilo Label

Presilo is a label maker with bar code and ODBC support.  Although originally developed for Microsoft XP Operating System, it should work with other versions too.

Insert Fields (Client Name, Address, ZipCode, Price) into your label directly from MS Excel, MS Access, CSV text files, or other data source. After insertion, you format the Field as number, currency, date, bar code or image and apply a Text or Paragraph style to the field (centralize, justify, text color, etc).

Presilo Print Preview

During all the edition work you can see on the display screen what will appear when your label is printed (WYSIWYG)

Supports insertion of photos and images direct from a Data Source Field, which may contain the graphic itself (Blob fields) or a path to a folder where the image is saved.

Presilo, utilizes ODBC drivers to access the Data Sources and was tested with:

  • Microsoft Access,
  • Microsoft Excel,
  • CSV text files, and
  • Firebird 1.5.

But should work with any Data Source with ODBC support like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, etc... Please, contact us if you need help configuring your Data Source.

The concept behind Presilo is simple:

  1. Define a Data Source (Table, View, Query, File) establishing a connection to it;
  2. Create a template (label, report, etc) inserting and formatting fields from the Data Source;
  3. Tell Presilo to use the template and apply it to all records of the Data Source;
  4. Print the result.

Main features:

  • Insert Data Source Fields direct from your Database
  • Easy create Labels
  • Fields can be formatted as Bar Code 25, Bar Code 39, Bar Code 128A, Bar Code 128B, Bar Code 128C, Bar Code 93, Bar Code MSI, Bar Code PostNet, Bar Code Codabar, Bar Code EAN8, Bar Code EAN 13, Bar Code UPC A, Bar Code UPC E0, Bar Code UPC E1, Bar Code UPC Supp2, Bar Code UPC Supp5, Bar Code EAN 128A, Bar Code EAN 128B, Bar Code EAN 128C
  • Memo fields with multiple lines support
  • Blob fields containing images format support (JPEG, GIF, PNP, BMP)
  • Default text for null/empty fields
  • Bar codes in color
  • font list order by most recently font used. (Thank you Ed for your suggestion).
  • Cut/Paste HTML code into Presilo, keeping the text, paragraph and tables styles,
  • Select your label from a list of predefined labels (Avery, PIMACO, etc),
  • Preview the page of labels, while scrolling through predefined Labels,
  • Save your modified labels as a predefined label,
  • Before printing: Click on the first Label available of a partial used paper of Labels. Presilo + Regular Printer = One Label Printer.
    Specify the number of label repetitions.
    Ex.: Suppose you have a page which can fit 10 labels. You want to print only one label and repeat it 6 times. If you use copies of print properties, you get 6 pages with one label printed in each, but if you use repetitions you get one page with all 6 labels on it.
  • Many editing options

Note.: Presilo is free to use, but not to develop and maintain. If you'd like to contribute, find out how by clicking here.