How do I paste to all labels?

  • Presilo does not have this feature, but you can paste to the first label
    and easily make all labels identical to the first one, like this:
  • Click anywhere inside the first Label and paste.
  • Click the menu option "Tools->All labels Equal First"
  • Presilo makes all Labels identical to first Label.

How to config odbc for a data source in csv format?

  • Open Presilo and create a new template
  • When "Connect to a Data Source" window appears click on CSV Text file
  • Now browse to the folder where your file is and select the folder not the file
  • Click on "Open" and Presilo lists files with extensions txt,csv,tab,asc
  • Select your file from the list
  • If in each line of the right list box appears one field, then click on "Ok"
  • If no field appears or all fields appear in one line only, then your csv file has a special format and you will need to create a schema.ini file in the same folder of your csv file
  • Below an example of a schema.ini for a file called "example.csv" where the first line is the header and
    the ; (semicolon) is the field separator and , (comma) is the decimal point
  • Check the format of your file and use Notepad to create a schema.ini file for it.

Presilo prints only one record from MS Access or other data source. or
Presilo prints only one record even though number of repetitions is greater than one.
What do I have to do to print all records?

  • You must apply an action to the last field of your label.
  • Right click on the last field of the label.
  • Click on "Field Properties" on pop up windows.
  • Click on "Action" on top of the form
  • Click on "read record AFTER" action
  • Click on "Apply" and on "Close"
  • Tutorial's Page 3 has screen shots that might help.

How do I setup a special page size, which is not listed?

  • Click the menu option "Tools->Labels",
  • Select a page size bigger than the one you have,
  • Fill in the specs for the label,
  • Click Ok,
  • Type "CTRL+HOME",
  • Click the menu option "Edit->Insert Page Break"
  • Place and format the fields in the label
  • Save template
  • Merge Fields

How to format a text with a font size smaller than 8?

  • Select a true type font, like Arial or Times.
  • Position the cursor in the text size box by clicking on it
  • Delete the current size and enter the size you want, note that very small fonts may be unreadable

After creating a Label, how do I adjust it's properties (width, height, etc)?

  • Click inside a label.
  • Click the menu option Tools->Labels...
  • The Label form will appear.
  • The title should say "Labels - Editing" and the properties are recovered.
  • Change properties and click on "Ok" button.

Do I need to install a ODBC driver to connect to my Database?

  • If your data is stored in MS SQL Server, Access, Paradox, FoxPro or Oracle and you have Windows XP, chances are you already have everything you need.
  • To verify which drivers are installed in your computer do the following:
    • Click Start->Control Panel
    • Click on "Administrative Tools"
    • Click on "Data Sources (ODBC)"
    • Click on "Drivers" tab and find out which drivers are installed in your computer

Where can I find a ODBC driver for my Firebird Database?

  • IBPhoenix has a good ODBC driver for Firebird in their "Main Downloads" section.
    Click here to go direct to the page where you can download the driver