Tutorial - Part I

Below I describe how to use OfxGen to import debits and credits from a site and then create an OFX file that can be imported by Money, Quicken, etc...

  1. With your web browser opened at the page where you can see the debits and credits, select them by dragging the mouse from the first debit/credit up to the last one, you want to import. Try now with the following debits and credits:
    Day Comment Value C/D Comment
    Jun,29Paycheck123.00DAny comment...
    Jun,30Order 1299.00C
    Jul,03Order 3459.00CAnother comment
    Day Comment Value C/D Comment
    Jul,03Paycheck2113.00DAny comment...
    Jul,04Order 13919.00C
    Jul,10Order 44535.00CAnother comment

  2. With the selection made, copy it to the clipboard. You do this by typing "CTRL+INSERT" or "CTRL+C" or clicking on the menu option "Edit->Copy" or "Right Click" the selection and click on Copy. Now that you have all debits and credits saved in the Clipboard, you may close your browser if you wish. (OfxGen works ONLY with the data saved in the clipboard)
  3. Execute OfxGen and click Edit->Options and check "Point" or "Comma" depending on which one represents the decimal point. Also choose if currency is "US Dollars" or "Real" (Brazil). Only need to be done once, the program will "remember" your last choice.
  4. Now click on Edit->Paste HTML.
  5. If you see all your data inside only one column or you got different information inside the same column this is NOT good. Try Edit->Paste text..., and then choose "Fixed" to define where each column start.
  6. The objective is to have each data in it's own column. Now is time to set the type of each column by clicking on the column header.
  7. A column type can not repeat, except for Ignore and Comment which are ignored or concatenated.
  8. For example, you CAN NOT set two columns DAY or VALUE, but you can set three columns as COMMENT.
  9. Click on the word "Ignore" of the date's column. Now click on "Date" and a list of date formats is shown. Unfortunately, none of the pre-defined date format is the one we need.
  10. Click on the menu option Edit->Options and define your Date as MMM,dd. In the edit box "Column", type Nov,29 and press TEST. The program will show you a line with Day=29, Month=11. Date formats vary depending on your Windows "Regional Settings" (Control Panel)
  11. Now with date format defined, go back and set the date's column with Date->Date User
  12. Set other columns as Comment, Value, C/D and Comment
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