Tutorial - Part II

  1. You can leave a column as Ignore or delete it by clicking on the column header and selecting Delete column. The only difference is visual.
  2. Eventualy, you will want to delete repeated lines that appear in your data, like title rows in our example. With our example loaded, click on one of the title rows ("Date" "Comment" ...) selecting it. Click the header's column and choose the option "Del columns=Date". Both title rows are deleted.
  3. The check boxes in the first column are used to delete specific unwanted lines, like title and trailer lines. After checking the rows, click on the header's column and choose to delete the checked or the not checked rows.
  4. Now that all columns are defined and you DO NOT have any extra lines, click on File->Export
  5. Year is an essential info for OFX format. In our example there is no year, so OfxGen will display a dialog box asking you to confirm the data extracted. If debits and credits are in order, like in our example, you can check the option "guess" next date based on this one. With this option on, the program will stop asking you for the dates.
  6. Finally, the program will ask you for a BankId, Account Id and the final balance.
  7. The BankId and Account Id are used by Money/Quicken to associate the ofx file to one of your Money Account, so next time you create a ofx file for that account, use same numbers or Money will ask you again.
  8. Save the ofx file and import it with your Application!
  9. Other table formats OfxGen can handle:
    Example 1 Example 2
    Day Comment Value Balance
    29Paycheck 123123.00--23.00
    29Order from John99.0076.00
    30Paycheck 12421.10-54.90
    01Order from Mary9.0063.90
    Jun,29;Paycheck;123.00;D;Any comment...
    Jun,30;Order 12;99.00;C
    Jul,03;Order 345;9.00;C;Another comment
    Jul,03;Paycheck2;113.00;D;Any comment...
    Jul,04;Order 13;919.00;C
    Jul,10;Order 445;35.00;C;Another comment

    Example 3
    Dia CC Histórico ReferValor Unidade C/D Credito/Debito Saldo R$
      SALDO MES ANTERIOR31.215,67   
    031CONSERTO DE BOMBASJun/2006     
      BOMBAS D283,91   30.931,76   
    031I.S.S.Jun/2006  D13,65   30.918,11   
    031C P M FJun/2006  D61,54   30.856,57   
    041INSSJun/2006  D1.618,30   29.238,27   
    051INSS TERCEIRIZADOJun/2006     
      TRATAM.DE AGUAS LTDA D31,68   29.206,59   
    051TV A CABOJul/2006     
      NET RIO D148,32   29.058,27   
    061CONDOMINIOJul/2006  201C800,00   29.858,27   
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