01 September 2014 - QUANDL Amibroker data plugin

QUANDL is a data plataform, collecting all numerical data in the world. I developped a Amibroker data plugin which let AB users access QUANDL's data.

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03 September 2011 - Surfando Graficos

Surfando Graficos
Stock blog with daily fundamental and thecnical analysis of Brazil Stock Market. You find IBOVESPA breadth indicators, like LADs, McClellan Oscillator/Summation, Open Interest and many other studies.

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25 May 2007 - Entertainment Games now available through the above menu Others->Games.

The Movie Game
Life is not only about work, sometimes we need to relax. Try one of our new entertainment games to relax yourself.

The games are very simple and funny, no download or installation is required, just click the link below, choose one game and thats it.

Have Fun!

6 February 2007 - Presilo 0.4.4 beta, now available for download.

Presilo in Action Is Microsoft Word Mail Merge a nightmare for you?  Do you need an affordable tool that creates and prints labels easily?  A tool that accurately reads all the data you have already typed in and is saved in a text file, MS Excel, MS Access, or other data source? How about using your regular printer as a one Label Printer?

If so meet Presilo:
Presilo is free and it’s the easiest to use data source label maker with bar code support. Read more about Presilo here.

This version corrects a bug introduced in last version. User had to define data source everytime, because it was not saved with template. No new feature was add (send your suggestion for new features)

Presilo was tested on Microsoft Windows XP and 2000, but should work in Windows 98 SE or superior. Except for a computer with one of these operation system installed, no other technical requisites is necessary.

25 December 2006 - Features added since version 0.2.2:

  • Bar codes in color
  • font list order by most recently font used. (Thank you Ed for your suggestion).
  • Cut/Paste HTML code into Presilo, keeping the text, paragraph and tables styles,
  • Select your label from a list of predefined labels,
  • Preview the page of labels, while scrolling through predefined Labels,
  • Save your modified labels as a predefined label,
  • Before printing: Click on the first Label available of a partial used paper of Labels. Presilo + Regular Printer = One Label Printer.
    Specify the number of label repetitions.
    Ex.: Suppose you have a page which can fit 10 labels. You want to print only one label and repeat it 6 times. If you use copies of print properties, you get 6 pages with one label printed in each, but if you use repetitions you get one page with all 6 labels on it.

20 July 2006 - OfxGen 0.6 beta, now available for download.

OfxGen in Action Are you a Microsoft Money user, Quicken or any other financial program?

Are you tired of typing debits and credits from a web page or file, because your financial software can´t extract the data directly from it?

Do you need to convert formatted text to ofx format?

If so, click here and find out how OfxGen, also free, can help you.

24 June 2006 - Presilo 0.2.2 beta released

Features in this version:

  • Insert Data Source Fields direct from your Database
  • Easy create Labels
  • Fields can be formatted as Bar Code 25, Bar Code 39, Bar Code 128A, Bar Code 128B, Bar Code 128C, Bar Code 93, Bar Code MSI, Bar Code PostNet, Bar Code Codabar, Bar Code EAN8, Bar Code EAN 13, Bar Code UPC A, Bar Code UPC E0, Bar Code UPC E1, Bar Code UPC Supp2, Bar Code UPC Supp5, Bar Code EAN 128A, Bar Code EAN 128B, Bar Code EAN 128C
  • Memo fields with multiple lines support
  • Blob fields containing images format support (JPEG, GIF, PNP, BMP)
  • Default text for null/empty fields
  • Many editing options